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Education Services

The Initiative’s education practice focuses on the unique needs of various Black colleges and universities and private and charter schools. Despite the vital role of these institutions in providing crucial opportunities for millions of Black people, the majority have traditionally been unable to afford a voice in Washington DC. The economic downturn has made federal support for educational programs an absolute necessity to remain on the cutting edge. With over 4,000 colleges & universities in the U.S., competition for these funds will be fierce. The Initiative can provide the federal lobbying support necessary to secure these funds and let you put them to their best use.

Governmental Relations

Our offerings are tailored to meet your every governmental relations need. Whether you are looking to establish a DC presence, closely monitor your important issues or even try to get a law passed, our cost effective government affairs plans provide the most affordable options in the entire industry.

Small and medium sized businesses are affected every day by government actions but they can't afford to pay Microsoft prices for lobbyists. This leaves the products and services they provide vulnerable to onerous regulation and unnecessary restraints. The Initiative helps put these businesses in a position to protect their interests and keep a watchful eye on their government. Plus, our firm makes sure you, your successes, and your achievements are a source of pride for your relevant lawmakers.

The Initiative is the most accessible government affairs option for associations in Washington and throughout the nation. Smaller associations have commonly been overlooked by government and most federal lobbyists. Our team can provide previously unrepresented industries a champion inside the Capitol. Also, our strong coalition building skills provide the larger voice necessary to get your issue heard.

Getting Justice for the people

By any means necessary stop, the defamation and dehumanization of Black people. Our ultimate purpose is to secure justice and fair treatment to all of our people. And end forever unjust and unfair discrimination and ridicule of Black people throughout the earth.

Comprehensive Approach to Problem solving. We work on various issues of judicial injustices, parental and custody issues, housing and foreclosure prevention, equitable employment and job retention, educational and community health and wellness.

Because no issue exists in a vacuum, The Initiative tackles problems as a multi-specialty team. We efficiently combine our diverse abilities, insights, and relationships built over many years to identify opportunities for clients and forestall threats. One Initiative professional may take the lead, but clients get the benefit of our pooled strengths. Ideas and results -- far more than hierarchy or headliners -- matter.

Typically, our team identifies and analyzes a client's issues and develops options for action. Among the components that may make up the plan are coalition development, comments on legislation, compliance filings, litigation and settlement negotiations, strategic interaction with decision-makers, and grassroots campaigns. Some plan components can only be provided by a  firm such as ours; all are more effective for the unique way we combine activism and legal firepower. The Initiative goes beyond developing strategies to implementing them and delivering results -- that is to say, doing what our clients appreciate most: winning in on every battlefield.


" Mr. Muhammad and his team are true professionals they told me the truth and created a plan to get my son out of jail and it worked "      - Mary Cousins

" We needed our charter school approved and the Initiative came in and got our community organized around us and pushed our school to the finish line"      - Principal John Carter 

" I got fired from my job, and I knew they were wrong but in a work at will state you seem to have no rights, but I called Mr Muhammad and he got me my job back!"   - Susan Jackson

" There is saying you can't fight city hall well Mr Muhammad proved that to be a lie you can fight them and win. Thanks Mr Muhammad the citizens of East Jackson TN appreciate your service"  - Harold Love 

"My child was taken stolen from me by family courts and the Initiative came in like thunder and turn my situation completely around I got my child back and the state off my back"  - Connie Walker

"My child school was saying he was a bad child always trying to suspend him I had no where to turn and a friend told me about the initiative I got them involved and the school backed up and my child got a great mentor and friend  Thank You, thank you, thank you"  - Kimberly Ward

" I was looking at life in jail I had a public defender who didn't do investigations but my mom called the Initiative and they did the groundwork and gave it to the public defender and I'm free. Thanks so much"  - Richard Thomas