Who We Are

You'll see us involved in some of the biggest cases and most significant deals around the country, as well as the most important legislation affecting daily life in America. But you'll also see us deeply committed to the communities in which we practice. We donate both our energy and our financial commitment to much-needed charitable causes, community organizations. Bettering our communities from the inside out—it’s the very core of who we are.

We’re in court. We're in the board room. We’re on Capitol Hill. We’re in the street. We’re at your Children’s school. Look behind the deal, inside the docket and across the community and political landscape. The Initiative is always there.

In this world everyone will need someone to stand  up for them,  here am I send me. The Initiative is here to step in and fight for you. We will put our foot so DEEP in the behind of the WEAK and the WICKED! Truth has come to you~ No matter how big or small your case is we will take it and deliver Justice!  

The Initiative is internationally recognized for our groundbreaking work among our people, The Initiative has already secured a place among DC’s top movers and shakers. See how affordable pricing, transparent offerings, and clearly defined deliverables can help you and your organization find legislative and regulatory success.

Why you need an effective fixer right now...

Every single day, the federal, state, and local governments makes decisions with far-reaching implications. Whether you're a Individual or family, business, association, non-profit or municipality, you have been impacted by these actions. Taxes you pay, regulations you adhere to – any number of areas where legal and regulatory requirements affect your life, profitability, even your survival -- are constantly subject to change. A bill or rule-making or decision could drastically change your life requirements and expenses, limit opportunities for growth, or provide advantages to others at your expense. Much of this takes place far from the public view, and many aren't aware that change was even being contemplated until they find themselves on the losing end.

That all said, if no one knows you exist, how could they ever take your needs into consideration? Having a international lobbying presence is an absolute necessity in our current living climate. Projecting a strong and ever-present voice to stakeholders in government and business is essential for issues and concerns to be heard. Having the right Professional Fixer at your disposal will ensure timely responses to government actions impacting your life.

Why Us

When you find yourself in need of help and the NAACP and National Action Network and many other organization have failed to hear you. Look for us to get for you what your soul is crying out for "Justice".  We believe Justice is the principle of  fair dealings.

Our  drive for justice is fed by our insatiable desire to see our people free, empowered and equal with the best in civilized society. Therefore, it is proper that we seize this moment in time, and make the necessary sacrifice to save ourselves and our people.

Truth has come to you~