Roy Morris Testify before DC's City Counsel

Posted on August 3, 2014 at 2:15 AM

Testimony of on DC Police Conduct with Child Sexual Abuse –

Roy Morris, Esq. Counsel for The Initiative and Save Ariana-Leilani Coalition,

Friday, January 24, 2014

Chairman Wells, and Members of the Committee on the Judiciary and Public

Safety, I am Roy Morris, counsel for the Initiative and Save Ariana-Leilani Coalition, which seeks to protect children in Washington DC from sexual abuse, including pornography and child sex trafficking. DC Police Commissioner Lanier recently stated that several arrests of DC police officers for child prostitution and pornography were “isolated incidents.” That appears not to be the case, as I will explain other incidents have occurred involving MPD officers. I wish to address how some members of DC Metropolitan Police Force Divisions 2, (Ward 3) and Division 7 have failed to protect child sex abuse victims, like 10 year old Ariana-Leilani. These officers have acted to protect the abusers, helped to cover-up their abuse, and violated the rules for investigation of child sex abuse. They have also harassed and threatened the life those who are working to stop the abuse of 10-year old Ariana-Leilani who lives in a one-bedroom apartment, and reports to be sharing a bed with her father in Palisades area Ward 3 of the District.

Recently, Wards 3 and 7 DC police officers and detectives have harassed and threatened the life of a coalition supporter of Ariana-Leilani. In one incident, several DC police officers followed a supporter from Ward 3 (near where Ariana-Leilani lives) to a relative’s home in Ward 7 (which is where child sexual abuse and child prostitution by DC police officers took place). It is my understanding that up to 20 MPD officers at one time held captive that Ariana-Leilani supporter for 24 hours inside a one bedroom apartment of a relative’s home without reason, and without a court order for search or an arrest warrant. A detective from Ward 3 MPD went to the Ward 7 apartment to question the supporter and told him that if he were found in Ward 3 again there would begreat consequences. I note that the supporter is African American, as is Ariana-Leilani. Ward 3, where this harassment began, is predominantly Caucasian. No violation of the law was ever alleged, no search warrant issued, and the Ward 3 or Ward 7 MPD officers never filed any charges. It was simple harassment and intimidation by the DC Police of a person who was trying to protect an African American child from being sexually abused in an upper middle class Caucasian neighborhood. Instead of going after the child sex predator, the DC police were actively protecting the sexual abuser, while actively violating the rights of and intimidate Ariana-Leilani Coalition supporter.

In the most recent incident, an Ariana-Leilani Coalition supporter was innocently handing out flyers that urged others to help “Save Ariana-Leilani” (attached) in Ward 3 not far from Georgetown University Hospital. It is my understanding that a couple of Ward 3 police officers threw the African-American Ariana-Leilani Supporter in back of a patrol car. Thus those officers warned that they would kill him by doing an “Emmett Till” on this supporter and would throw his body in the Potomac because no one would care. “Emmett Till” was a black civil rights figure who was tortured and killed. They threatened to shoot and kill him. They drove him around discussing what to “do with him” because he told them he would not stop his quest to help stop the sexual abuse of Ariana-Leilani. The Ward 3 MPD had specifically referred to me, as this supporters counsel, in a mocking way – even though I have never met these officers.

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